The changing face of remote connectivity


Remember the days of screech, hum – and usually a very long wait? Dial-up modems are now a distant memory for both business and home users, with broadband and fibre connections providing reliable, high-speed internet connectivity. This has encouraged new products and services to expand rapidly including media streaming, smart speakers and IP-connected intruder systems.


But it wasn’t that long ago that the intruder industry relied on PSTN dial-up modems and PC-based downloader programmes to connect to panels remotely. Although revolutionary in its day, this approach had its weaknesses. For example, if the line was busy, there was no way you could then connect to a panel. And navigating around ‘answerphones’ was always fun… would the machine or panel answer first?


Getting up to speed


Luckily, IP tech advancements mean we’ve said goodbye to the downsides of old school remote connectivity as the industry embraces internet-connected equipment.


All of Eaton’s latest panels are SecureConnect™-enabled with built-in Ethernet ports. This makes it straightforward to get online with no need to purchase additional modules.


Eaton’s approach to developing and launching Eaton SecureConnect™ was ‘security first’. Our own specialist cybersecurity teams were heavily involved in the development process to ensure that both you and your customers’ equipment and data would remain safe and secure from global web threats. Since the launch of Eaton SecureConnect™, they’ve remained closely aligned to the project. While the potential threats are always changing, Eaton remains committed to heading them off before they can cause a problem.


Keeping things simple


When it comes to the set up and configuration of a SecureConnect™-enabled panel, Eaton has focused on ease and simplicity. So there’s no need to configure routers or alter firewalls. Simply connect the panel to the router in the same way as any other device and it will take care of all of the communication to and from the Eaton SecureConnect™ cloud.


Securely connecting an Eaton panel to SecureConnect™ allows you to configure or diagnose problems from the comfort of your office chair. And we offer a simple and intuitive end-user app for your customers that allows easy system setting and unsetting, along with log access, push notifications and biometric login options.