Changing the game for users and installers


SecureConnect™ App

You don’t have to look too far to know the world is on the move – with home security no exception.


Eaton SecureConnect™ is a smart intruder solution offering property owners 24/7 control over their security system from anywhere in the world. Its user-friendly mobile app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. And it’s compatible with all Eaton's second generation Scantronic i-on burglar alarm panels including i-on Compact, i-on Style, i-on30R and i-on40H. The app sends real-time push notifications directly to the end-user’s smart device, alerting them to events whether home or away.

Digital security is every bit as hot a topic as the physical threats for which our alarm systems offer protection. That’s why the fully encrypted SecureConnect™ app has been designed with cybersecurity front of mind – its facial/fingerprint recognition and other powerful features rigorously tested and approved by Eaton’s Cyber-Security Centre of Excellence in the USA.

Users can customise their SecureConnect system via the app to precise user needs – controlling notifications set-up around system activity and alarm events. They can even use the one app to control different systems installed in home and office environments. Full review and control of any high definition imagery generated mean users can decide on ‘next steps’ in near real time in the event of a security breach.


Smart security management that puts installers in control


Eaton SecureConnect™ Installer Cloud is a smart security management system for residential and commercial buildings. It enables remote monitoring of the latest IP intruder alarm devices and  connected panels across multiple customers via a user-friendly interface and any web browser.
Like the user app, Installer Cloud works with i-on Compact, i-on Style, i-on30R and i-on40H panels both reducing call-outs and maximising opportunities by enabling configuration diagnostics and software updates from any global location. It means that controlling and monitoring systems is quicker – and you get more work done in one day than ever before. 

Other key Installer Cloud benefits include an intuitive virtual keypad that replicates the system environment so closely that making the switch to remote monitoring is simplicity itself. Thorough testing by Eaton’s Cyber-Security Centre of Excellence ensures maximised security round the clock.