Eaton is pleased to announce the availability of Control4 driver for Scantronic Eaton panels.


The Control4 driver provides the ability to control and receive events from any i-on Gen2 panel with v6 panel software.


The driver is set up through the Control4 Composer Pro, enabling key features such as:

  • Setting and Un-setting of a system or a partition
  • Feedback on Alarms, Zones, Outputs and Partition states
  • Control of programmable outputs
  • Display panel log


Once configured a user will simply enter their PIN own code into the Control4 controller to control an i-on Gen2 panel.


There are 2 drivers:

  • i-on for controlling the panel
  • i-on SSE for receiving push events from the panel


Both drivers can be downloaded from the Control4 website here:


For more details on set-up and configuration please download the Control4 integration with i on Gen2 panels guide here.