By default, the HUA on an FOB-2W-4B and 727r is disabled. This is because you cannot have a Hold Up Alarm (PA) integral to a remote setting device on a system that conforms to BS8243. The following instructions explain how to enable and operate HUA functionality.  

To enable

  1. Go to the INSTALLER MENU
  2. At System Options / Confirmation / *BS8243 – change this to Basic
  3. Now escape from Installer mode
  4. Ensure the FOB-2W-4B or 727r remote is in a user code position and go to the USER MENU
  5. At System Config / Remotes / HUA Function Enabled / *Disabled – change this to Enabled


To operate

FOB-2W-4B keyfob:

To start a Hold Up Alarm (HUA):

  1. Press and hold any two, diagonally opposite buttons at the same time
  2. All four LEDs will flash red three times
  3. The control unit starts a HUA alarm. If your system is connected to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) the control unit sends a HUA alarm message to it.
  4. The control unit then sends a message to the fob to confirm that it has started a HUA alarm. (All four LEDs glow green for three seconds).


727r remote:

  1. Press and hold the Full Set button (at the top nearest the LED) AND the Unset Button (at the bottom) at the same time