About touchpoint

In February 2015 Eaton’s touchpoint resource for security professionals moved to a new website, and new features and benefits were added. As well as providing customers with access to first-class online information and technical support, Eaton now offers installers and alarm engineers the chance to participate in a brand new rewards-based incentive scheme where they can collect touchpoints and exchange them for a selection of great prizes.

As one of the security industry’s most established customer support initiatives, touchpoint will continue to provide a range of services that help installers get the best out of Eaton’s security business industry-leading products and systems. In addition, the company has developed a new online portal with a more intuitive design, so that information to be accessed more quickly and easily.

From one product page customers can access resources and information including:


  • Images for marketing (NEW)
  • Details on compatibility with other devices (NEW)
  • Certifications (NEW)
  • The full product catalogue (NEW)
  • Installation manuals
  • Software and firmware downloads


touchpoint has been designed to meet the needs of security professionals and is completely free to join.

Visit www.touchpoint-online.com.

Get re-registered online by completing a quick registration form. Registering for our new touchpoint service is quick and easy. Details on how to do this can be found below.




Calling for technical support


Registering for touchpoint


So you're already registered


Where are my rewards



Calling tech support


I originally registered on coopersecurity.co.uk. Do I need to register again?

If you registered on coopersecurity.co.uk and haven’t re-registered on www.touchpoint-online.com, you’ll need to re-register by completing a quick registration form.


Why has the 5 digit PIN number for technical support changed?

We recognise that the rise of online services means we are now forced to remember various different codes and passwords.

Feedback to our tech support team established that the PIN number was easily forgettable, while customers also suggested that there was some confusion between the PIN to access technical support and the password to access our website. Based on what our customers said, we have decided to move from PINs to a more memorable number. What’s more memorable than your own number!

Better still, this number is automatically recognised when you call in!


What do I need to do when I ring the technical support number?

That’s what’s great about the new system. If you’re already registered with touchpoint, and dialing in from your registered number, then you don’t have to do anything!


What if I call technical support on another number other than the one I’ve registered with, such as a customer’s landline if I can’t get a mobile signal?

If you are registered but dialing in from a different number, simply enter your registered number followed by the hash key when prompted.


Registering for touchpoint


Why do I have to supply an email address to register my telephone number with you?

Your email address is your username for the website, and it should be more memorable than creating a username.

We may use your email address to communicate important messages, such as technical changes to our products, but you can unsubscribe any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of any of our touchpoint emails.


Can I register a work/office and mobile number on the same email address and/or account?

Your touchpoint registered number is your unique ID to access technical support, so the system does not allow duplicates or multiple numbers per user. We would usually recommend registering your mobile number.

Registering a work/office landline number would mean no other user would be able to register with that number. We’d only recommend office admin personnel or company owners register the office number.


Will you pass my details on to third parties?

We will not pass on your details to third parties for marketing or other purposes without your permission.


I have a number of engineers; do I have to complete the online form for every engineer?

Get in touch with your AAM or the touchpoint team for a spreadsheet template to make this easy.


I’m a manager of an installation company with a number of engineers who do not have business email addresses. Do I need to register all my engineers?

As a responsible manufacturer we prefer that all our points of contact at our customers – whether distributor, manager or engineer - are kept informed of important communications that include technical changes to our product and software updates.

If however, you choose as a business to have one single registration for all engineers and installers, and prefer to be responsible updating your team on technical updates and other Eaton communications, register one generic office user only. Use generic administration details, including your office email address and number, and distribute those details to your team so all your people can access tech support.

If you do want your engineers to be kept up to date with the latest technical developments and software releases we can make registering easy for you. We can send you a spreadsheet to complete, and will then upload it for you. Contact your AAM, office or touchpoint team to arrange this.


So you're already registered


How do I update my details, registered number for technical support, or touchpoint-online.com password?

Visit ‘my details’ at www.touchpoint-online.com – the link can be found at the top right of the screen, once you’ve logged in.


I haven’t received my registration and activation emails. What do I do?

Check your junk or spam inbox first, but if neither email is there it could be due to a number of firewall and email settings. So get in touch with the touchpoint team (info@touchpoint-online.com)  who will check the email address we have for you and manually send the email to you again.


I’ve tried to register and I can’t because my email address is already registered, what should I do?

That would indicate that your email address is already registered with us. Either log in as usual, or follow the forgotten password link. An email will be sent to you to reset your password.

Visit ‘my details’ at touchpoint-online.com – the link can be found at the top right of the screen, once you’ve logged in.


I’ve followed the forgotten password route, but I haven’t received anything?

Check your junk or spam inbox first, but if neither email is there it could be due to a number of firewall and email settings. So please email the touchpoint team (info@touchpoint-online.com) who will manually send the email to you again.


Why is my password and email address not recognised on touchpoint-online.com?

Try the forgotten password link online and enter your email address. If you’re already registered you’ll be sent an email with a password reset link – you may need to check in your junk or spam mail. If the email address is not recognised, simply complete a quick registration form.


My new registered number isn’t recognised when calling technical support?

Our touchpoint team can check your registered number. Get in touch - info@touchpoint-online.com.



I've redeemed my touchpoints, when will I receive my reward in the post?

We aim to have your rewards with as quickly as possible. However, all rewards may take up to 28 days to be delivered. Orders with a value of over £50, will usually need to be signed for. 


It's been over 28 days and I still haven't received them?

Something has gone wrong so please get in touch with the touchpoint team (info@touchpoint-online.com) who will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If a package needs to be signed forand no-one is in, or is too big to fit through your letter box and no-one is in, our couriers will either try to deliver 3 times or leave a card for you to pick up from your local sorting office. If you are not in on the 3rd occassion or have not collected your package within a certain time frame (as detailed on the card), rewards will be returned to the touchpoint team.