Both our i-on40H and i-on30R panels now benefit from a change of hardware that realigns their communications footprint to that fitted to our COMPACT, i-onG2SM and i-onG3MM panels.


This means compatibility with the following communicators:



If you’re replacing an older panel that has a communicator already fitted (i-DIG02, i-SD02 or i-GSM02), The COM-ADPT-03 can be used to connect these older communicators to the new communications footprint.

In addition, the adaptor board also allows the connection of 3rd party communicator such CSL, WWO and Chiron.


The COM-ADPT-03 is available free from our Sales office on request. Simply ask for part number COM-ADPT-03.


Other key features shared by both i-on40H and i-on30R include:

  • Multiple communication options
    Built-in Ethernet port and optional PSTN or GSM allow you to tailor installations to the property’s needs.
  • Eaton SecureConnect™ cloud and app
    Control and monitor your panel through the cloud from anywhere 24/7 across multiple locations. Provide your customers with a secure app for convenient system control ensuring peace of mind.
  • Simple visual verification
    Connect Eaton security cameras to provide an additional layer of security
    – capturing images locally on an SD card and view through app or email.