Older versions of i-on panel software meant time-consuming manual entry of the IP address obtained via DHCP as a ‘Static IP Address’.


Later panel versions now both obtain and retain the IP address via DHCP. So all you need to do is check the IP address has been obtained correctly, then connect to the cloud.


Auto IP addressing applies to:

  • i-on30R – panel software FROM version 5.02.17
  • i-on40H – panel software FROM version 5.02.17
  • i-on Style – panel software FROM version 5.02.17
  • i-on Compact – panel software FROM version 5.03.17


How can I check IP addresses have been correctly obtained?


Go to: INSTALLER MENU About - Comms - Panel Ethernet


Check that the IP Addresses obtained via DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) are within the correct range for the router to which you’re connecting.

IP Address (example - DHCP)

IP Subnet Mask (example - DHCP)

Gateway IP Address (example - DHCP)

DNS IP Address (example - DHCP)


If IP addresses are correct, how do I enable the cloud?


Go to: INSTALLER MENU Communications - IP Network (Own) or IP Options - Cloud Access:


Enabled    No > Change this to Yes – then press tick


CLOUD ID* Enter your company’s unique cloud ID e.g. 12345878 – then press tick


SITE ID** Enter a description of your choice – then press tick


The keypad will display:




'Tick to continue
Cloud Connected'


Press tick

The system is now CONNECTED TO THE CLOUD