As a busy installer you’ll know that time is money. That’s why we’ve taken a kit approach to supplying key components for our i-on Compact system to make assembling the right kit for a typical installation quick and easy.


At the heart of every kit is the entry level i-on Compact security panel that brings next-generation cloud capabilities to residential and small commercial properties including  Eaton’s SecureConnect™ smart management system and handy app. With just one mains cable connection needed to get the system up and running, the wireless intruder panel with built-in keypad offers up to 20 radio zones and reduces the time, cost and complexity of installation, programming and maintenance. A choice of kit type (see more on this below) covers every installation scenario. What’s more, you can also combine kits with cameras to verify alarm events visually.


In addition to the panel itself, each kit features everything you need to put protection efficiently in place:


  • Three PIR detectors
    The XCELR series of pet tolerant PIRs has a specially designed spherical lens. This generates a five-layered beam which delivers superior detection precision. These PIRs can detect body heat movement within a fan-shaped area up to 12m in radius, offer a 36-month battery life and have an impressive radio range of 1000m+ in open space.


  • Slimline magnetic door/window contact
    Radio door or window contacts consist of the sensor (normally mounted on the door or window frame) and the magnet. Customers can opt for the trusted 734 model or the new DET-RDC in slim, discreet plastic.


  • Loud external siren
    The 100 dB sound output ensures this siren is clearly heard by both the occupier and any neighbours in the event of alarm activity at the property. Choose from a range of external sounders in blue, amber or red.


  • Programmable two-way keyfob
    Enabling simple system set and unset, the fob can also provide feedback on system status, confirmation of set upon exit and is third-party certified by INCERT. It also features programmable buttons enabling devices such as garage doors and lights to be controlled locally.


Choose the right kit for the job

Audible kits with a choice of blue or red strobe include:

  • Compact-Kit
  • Compact-Kit-RD


If you need a WiFi kit with dongle included, then our Compact-Kit-WiFi is just the job.


Easy installation and commissioning

Because everything is connected via Scantronic’s tried and tested radio protocol, installation of the i-on Compact is simple and straightforward. Programming is menu-driven in the same layout as for other i-on panels. Defaults are logical so you won’t need to change them for the majority of installations.