i-on30R– the easy-to-configure option ideal for the home setting

Simplicity of ownership and operation is at the heart of Eaton’s 30-zone radio panel i-on30R.This EN50131-certified kit not only offers straightforward secure configuration by mobile or tablet using an enhanced web browser, it’s also compatible with Eaton’s full range of radio peripherals and plug on communicators. 

Fitting expander hardware to the i-on30R is equally stress-free, increasing the total zone count to 60 inputs. Deploy 30 radio zones on the main panel with another 30 zones added via wired or radio expanders

Critically, Eaton’s SecureConnect™-enabled i-on30R combines all the convenience, control and dynamism of smart home security underpinned by market-leading resistance to cyber-attacks.


Take control with SecureConnect™

Our intuitive, cloud-connected, fully encrypted SecureConnect™ system (see Eaton.com/SecureConnect for more) makes it easy for installers to connect to a router via cable or wifi and commission and manage the system without any complex IP set up. A user-friendly, customisable mobile app available for iOS and Android operating systems ensures everyday usage is as straightforward for owners and operators. Rigorously tested and approved by Eaton’s Cyber-Security Centre of Excellence in the USA, SecureConnect™ has been built with cybersecurity in its DNA.


Comms flexibility comes as standard

The i-on30R incorporates three communication options out of the box – email, push notifications and alarm receiving centre (ARC) reporting. And it allows for modules based on global system for mobile communication (GSM) or public switched telephone network (PSTN) to be plugged in for dual-path ARC communications.


Combine with fast, HD video

The i-on30R offers full integration with Eaton’s IP cameras – offering the homeowner powerful deterrence plus the ability to capture multiple images of an intruder in the property in the crucial five seconds before and ten seconds after the alarm activates. Images are sent to the alarm panel and then emailed via an internet connection directly to the end user’s mobile or tablet. No connection? No problem. Images are automatically stored locally to a micro-SD card fitted to the panel for later viewing.

Eaton’s compact internal CAM-INT-00 and IP66 weather-rated external CAM-EXT-00 are both ideal for monitoring a building and are fully compatible with the next generation of Scantronic i-on control panels. What’s more, peace of mind comes in full HD 1080P clarity.