We’re delighted to announce the upcoming release of latest software for Eaton SecureConnect™ enabled panels that also supports COM-DATA-4G:

  • i-on COMPACT           V5.03.44
  • i-onSTYLE                  V5.02.44
  • i-on30R                       V5.02.44
  • i-on40H                       V5.02.44


Highlights of additional improvements to i-on Gen 2 functionality include the following features –


  • When a cloud connection is active or COM-DATA-4G is fitted the following features are no longer available:
    • DDNS – Eaton SecureConnect™ provides secure remote connectivity so there is no need to use DDNS.
    • Email from the panel – SecureConnect™ now provides email from the cloud to any user providing a quicker, easier set up.
    • SIA IP – now available via the SecureConnect™ cloud and can be activated at any time.
    • SNTP time sync – SecureConnect™ servers now provide the panel with time and date updates.
    • Downloader – the panel web server accessible via SecureConnect™ provides a more advanced and future flexible method of programming.


  • These software updates also enable:
    • Additional options – for cloud push fail and Offline response for greater flexibility.
    • Push fail and cloud faults – now cleared on exit from installer mode if respective response is configured as disabled.
    • Supervision and jamming – that now default to ‘Fault’ for France.
    • Communication path fails - now set to silent by default.


A touchpoint bulletin will be issued soon to inform you of availability