UK variants M2000



The new range of Menvier M Series alarms takes the range's well-established reputation for combining advanced technology with reliability and ease of use to a new level.

The system is designed for maximum flexibility and can be operated from anywhere in the property via multiple remote keypads, it can also be programmed to monitor different rooms at different times.

The panel includes a wealth of features, including:

  • Eight on-board zones.
  • Two network ports for the connection of keypads, LEC2s, MSNodes, MSPSU nodes, MRNodes and ID Nodes. The additional network devices enable the system to be expanded up to 264 zones.
  • Serial and USB connectors for local connection of a PC running the Downloader configuration and monitoring software.
  • An on-board modem connected to PSTN and RJ11 ports to enable remote connection to a remote alarm receiving centre or to a PC running the Downloader software.
  • Switched-positive, switched-negative and voltage-free programmable outputs.
  • 16-channel digital communicator outputs for connection to an alarm receiving centre or to provide additional programmable outputs.
  • Engineer keypad port.
  • CPA6 output port to provide additional programmable outputs.
  • Serial printer port.
  • PD6662 grade 3
  • Simplified, easy-programmable software
  • Energy efficient, intelligent power supplies
  • 868MHz narrow-band radio expansion
  • Programmable zone configurations simplify system takeovers
  • Backward compatibility with Menvier Networker expansion