UK variants i-on1000EX/ i-on1000EXKP/ Menvier1000

EUR variantsi-on1000EX/ i-on1000EXKP/ Menvier1000

PD6662:2010 and BS8243:2010 compliant. Independently approved to the EN standards EN50131-3:2009.

The Multibus has 10 independent bus lines and supports up to 250 bus devices giving 100 zones per bus, scaling up to 1000 expandable zones. With the additional flexibility of bus pairing this can be increased to 200 zones per bus. Decimal expansion coupled with Bus Device location allows quick and efficient zone identification of expanded zones. Its semi-auto addressing prevents address duplication for bus mounted devices, saving hours of installation diagnostic time.

Advanced building control system. Suitable for use in commercial environments such as educational establishments, offices and government buildings.

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