We have recently discovered that some radio Dual Technology detectors under rare circumstances enter a state that has extremely high battery consumption.


For this situation to occur the detector needs to be measuring the temperature (which lasts for 50 microseconds) at the same time as the microwave being activated (which lasts 250 microseconds). When both happen at the same time the detector will enter this high battery consumption mode. This state will cause the unit to report a low battery in a short period of time, but it should be noted that detection performance will be compromised for up to three weeks before the unit reports low battery life.


Our testing has shown that a detector is highly unlikely to enter this state outside of the walk test period.


We have identified that the only products affected are those that have been sold since October 2019 with issue number 16. (Identified on the label below)

We have modified and tested the firmware to correct this issue and we are working to get the revised version into the market.


If you have any detectors that are issue 16 then please return them to us for exchange using the TSR process.