Eaton SecureConnect™ Installer Cloud is a smart security management system for residential and commercial buildings. But did you know it offers far more than just convenient connectivity via a mobile app?


Simply by linking a panel to your Installer Cloud ID you can:


1. Access an overview of your estate of panels with live status updates

2. Organise your panels into logical, structured estates to help manage and locate the correct one

3. Retrieve and inspect the panel log with a single click – as well as download and save the last 200 events

4. View recent notifications and delivery status to ensure the user experience is as you’ve planned

5. Link professional monitoring services such as CSL and WebWay for ARC reporting

6. Connect to the panel’s advanced web server via the cloud allowing full access to its programming and diagnostics

7. Use the virtual keypad to interact with the installed panel as if you were on site

8. Manage app access to any panel plus connected app users

9. Receive real-time email maintenance alerts so you can be proactive around events as they occur – rather than wait for scheduled services

10. Upload your company logo allowing customer branding of the Eaton SecureConnect™ mobile app.