V4.05 panel software now available - download from: www.touchpoint-online.com


V4.05 Panels Software – What’s new?

1. Added support for SDR-RINT (internal radio sounder).

2. Added support for KEY-RKPZ (2 way radio keypad).

3. Added support for i-gsm02 issue 4 hardware.

4. New remote self-test option and output in Grade 3 panels, to support remote self-test function in the SDR-WEXT-G3 (Grade 3 External wired siren).

5. Set, unset and interrogate the panel from a text message via the i-gsm02 (EUR only).

6. Flexible setting modes from the KEY-EP; start the setting process or terminate it at the KEY-EP.

7. Updated response to tamper return zone type on the new EXP-W10 and EXP-WCC.

8. Data bus speed enhancements and faster UI response.

9. Greater flexibility to override active faults on Grade 2 systems.

10. New walk test options for on, off or single chime activation.

11. Log changes; multiple events of the same type will continue to be logged as non-mandatory. This overcomes log limitations.

12. Mains fail delay applied to all communication options.

13. Mains fails now transmitted in Part Set.

14. Supervision failure no longer reported as tamper for non-alarm zone types such as technical, log only etc.

15. Web Browser restore checks the panel type and prevents incorrect panel type being loaded.

16. Downloader: IP settings protected from change when configuring over IP.

17. WAM and info module support removed from i-on40 (EUR only).

18. Radio performance enhancements.

19. Other minor enhancements and improvements.


Applies to all i-on and new Menvier panels