Download V6.00 UK software update here

Download V6.00 EU software update here


Cyber Security updates

To support our ongoing commitment to deliver protection against cyber threats, the following updates are included in this version of software.

IMPORTANT - App pairing – Due to the security changes in how a user is authenticated to the alarm system, when a panel is updated from v5 to v6 software then it is necessary to re-pair all app user’s. This is a one-off activity and should not need to be repeated. If users are not on-site when the panel is updated, the panel’s Web Browser Interface provides access to the Virtual Keypad which can be used to request fresh pairing codes.

Digital signing – All update files are now digitally signed to prevent any changes to an update file. The panel will reject update files that are not correctly and securely signed by Eaton.

Remote passwords – When logging into the panel Web Browser Interface, the old method of user name and pin code is no longer supported. To log into the panel Web Browser, you now need to use the Pin code and a remote password as this provides the Web Browser with 2-factor authentication. The remote password can be set in the user menu for users, or in installer mode for the installer.

Installer code and remote password – When upgrading from v5 to v6 panel software, the panel will automatically create a remote password for the installer. It will use the existing installer code and add 0000 to the beginning of it, e.g. 00007890. Eaton recommend changing this automatically generated remote password once the upgrade is complete.

Virtual Keypad, Downloader, M2M interface and SMS control – The Virtual Keypad (direct), Downloader, M2M interface and SMS control could not support the Remote Password or deliver an acceptable level of ongoing cyber protection and have, therefore, been removed from the panel.

  • The Virtual Keypad is still accessible from within the panel Web Browser Interface.
  • The Web Browser Interface provides the same functions and features of the Downloader, combined with secure connectivity via Eaton SecureConnect™.
  • The SecureConnect™ mobile app provides all the same functions and features of SMS control.
  • The M2M is replaced by the secure REST interface, if you have a requirement for system integration please contact

User codes - Default user codes no longer exist in the panel. When a panel is defaulted or powered up for the first time, the panel’s set up wizard will ask you to create user and installer codes.

Installer time out – To ensure that an engineer session was not left unattended for extended periods of time, a new function of automatically logging out after a defined time period has been added. Configuration options of the Installer Time Out is from 30-999 minutes (60 minutes default). A setting of 999 disables this feature.


New features and changes

Adaptive menu – The menu structure has been updated to the Adaptive Menu, which was first available in the i-on Compact. This means that you only see menu options relevant to how your system is configured.

COM-SD-PSTN and COM-SD-GSM – Support has been added for the COM-SD-PSTN and COM-SD-GSM communication modules. These are the new smaller communication units, providing Speech, SMS and ARC reporting on all panels – including the i-on Compact.

Partitions – All panels that support Partition Mode now have Full Set, Part Set B, C & D in each partition, giving greater flexibility to any installation.

Excess keys – The Excess keys lockout behaviour has been changed to 90s after 4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th attempt and then 30mins for each attempt thereafter, until a valid code entered.

Email and SIA-IP - Supported has been removed from within the panel for Email and SIA-IP. These features have now been moved onto SecureConnect™, providing simpler setup and configuration.

Cloud Time Sync -  The SNTP (Time Sync) feature has been replaced by Cloud Time Sync. This allows the panel to use the SecureConnect™ servers to keep the time up to date instead of using 3rd party servers.

Integration – A new user type called "BMS" has been added for use with BMS (Building Management System) integration. This is used to give 3rd party systems, such as Control4, authorisation to interact with the panel. Note: Control4 integration will be available shortly


Other improvements and fixes

Setting - Fixed remote/local setting "sticky" status, which caused issues with local setting if previously remote-set.

General Fault - General fault output now triggers on A/C fail after delay expired, rather than immediately.

Set Fail - "Set Fail" output now activates if Calendar set fails to start. The output is now deactivated in the following cases:  partition alarm reset (as before), on entry to installer menu (new) & user code entered to set partition (new).

Silent HUA - If exiting Installer Mode and a zone programmed as Silent HUA is active, now gives error on Installer Exit, making diagnostics easier.